Hidden Hare Creative Guild

Current Donation-Based Projects 

Full Moon Jam- Once a month, when the moon is the fullest

We have been devoted to holding sacred space on the full moon for over 5 years! Our intention is to bring creatives together for an all-day event of co-creation and celebration. We have invested in many assets including 100s of instruments, staging, sound equipment, art supplies, photography equipment, tye-dye supplies, clothing, all organic retail food, and much more. 

Song Circles- Every Monday and Tuesday from 7-11pm

Sean T Conlon hosts a song circle twice a week. Free and open to the public. Donations requested! Nothing beats sitting in a circle and playing your favorite cover songs with your friends and learning how to play other people's favorites! Oftentimes we play folk, rock, blues and other modern hems. Mics and amplification are provided but acoustic instruments are preferred. 

Open Mic Night- Every Tuesday from 7-11 

Open Mic Night has been going on for a little over two years now, every Tuesday from 7-11. The one and only Sean T. Conlon has been devoted to hosting every single week since we began! Rabbit Hole Studios provides instruments, space, stages, sound equipment, lights, labor, and marketing for events and artists. Each artist gets a chance to perform three original creations whether it is music, poetry, comedy, or any other form of expression. We have had many magical Tuesday nights at the Rabbit Hole!

Artist Markets- Sunday Funday Market + Quarterly Events

Our Sunday Funday Markets are a weekly event each Sunday from 1-5pm with the intention of showcasing small businesses, artists, farmers,  musicians, and creative entrepreneurs. This event is an opportunity for our members' work to be seen and heard, and to bring in a large variety of new potential customers and supporters. We provide space, tables, chairs, decorations, games, live music, promotion, labor, and much more to vendors and guests! We also host quarterly markets at our Spring and Fall Equinox Festivals.  SIGN UP HERE TO VEND!

Hidden Hare Sessions- Individual Bookings 

Hidden Hare Sessions are focused on providing personal promotion through capturing video recordings, audio recordings, interviews, and photography for artists, musicians, and small businesses. This is a new project we are very excited to invest in. Giving artists and individuals a spotlight to be seen and heard, and promoted through our resources at Rabbit Hole Studios. This is an offering that we give to many artists who have been involved in the space but is also an opportunity we would like to share with any artist, musician, or small business that would be interested in our services.

Affordable Creative Co-Working Spaces- Monthly Memberships 

Rabbit Hole Studios offers affordable monthly memberships to have access to a variety of creative and co-working spaces. These spaces include art supplies, 100s of instruments, practice and recording studios, sound equipment, sound engineers, a library, a movie theatre, projectors, lighting equipment, photography equipment, free printing, networking opportunities, high-speed wifi, and much more. We also have over a dozen individual private offices for month-to-month rentals. Our hopes are for the number of monthly memberships to grow and to find a stable source of income, so that Rabbit Hole Studios, may continue to provide space, supplies, and opportunities to strengthen, support, and empower the creative community 

Hidden Hare Monthly Meetup- Every Full Moon Jam at 6pm 

We provide assistance on topics like financing, marketing, advertising, and business start-up, and provide workshops to help empower the creative class. Once a month we get together and network, we find out the individual needs of our artists and creative entrepreneurs and see how we can help them. We continuously promote and support our community by investing in small businesses and non-profits.