The Hidden Hare

The Hidden Hare is a blockchain-based record label, digital art gallery and creator's guild founded by RabbitHoleStudiosDAO that is devoted to the co-creation of Non-Fungible Tokens and Virtual Reality experiences during our public events and curated recording sessions. This multi-medium NFT label is building a multidimensional discography/gallery in perpetual metamorphosis that utilizes all forms of creative expression. Royalties are split equitably between all contributors with a commission of sales returned to the DAO for production and infrastructure services. Buyers of these NFTs are granted special access to our private Discord and invitations to special members-only events in real life and the VR Metaverse! Apply below to be considered for placement in upcoming recording sessions. Musicians, painters, poets, rappers or any other visual artists who can capture their form of creative expression digitally are welcome to apply. More info is listed in our blog post below the form.