Social Club Membership Subscriptions

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This page can only be accessed by subscribers to the BackStage Day Pass - Pack of 2 and higher tiers. Subscribe now to get access.

Would you like to support free, open events to uplift, inspire and educate our community? Please consider sponsoring our charitable events and offerings which go towards rewarding event organizers and investing in recreational assets and amenities. This pass gets you access to exclusive content from our private art gallery, occasional newsletters and a private chatroom as guaranteed access to the free events at our coworking space.


In addition to the Daily Pass for $10/day, we have three tiers of access available which renew monthly:

Tier 1 is the pay-what-you-want Sponsorship Pass for disadvantaged artists and craftsmen that gets you noon-midnight access to our Grand Hall coworking space where you will find free desk space, WiFi and printer access.

Tier 2 is called the Magic Number Pass and costs only $33/month. This gets you all of the sponsorship perks + *24/7* access to the Grand Hall in addition to our fleet of roller skates, hoverboards, scooters and ripsticks to use during our events.

Tier 3 is called the The BackStage Pass which grants VIP access to our private backstage lounge which offers an additional coworking space, art gallery and musical museum among other perks! It's like a YMCA but geared toward artists and musicians and entrepreneurs. Please fill out your application below prior to payment. This is a limited offering that is often oversubscribed so admission is not guaranteed due to the limited space available. Lifetime NFT passes are also available here:

*Daily Pass Perks* 

  • 'Musical Museum' (exotic instrument collection featuring hundreds of acoustic instruments and percussion)
  • Access to our fleet of roller skates, hoverboards, scooters and ripsticks.
  • Shared coworking desk
  • Private bathrooms
  • Library (books on art, philosophy, spirituality, religion, science, ancient history, etc)
  • Relaxation area for concert attendees who bought tickets to an on-site event
  • Reverse osmosis hydration station
  • 20% discount  coupon for 'Eden's Convenience Store' (ask a Manager) 
  • Arcade games
  • Cards table and board game collection (Chess, Go, Risk,  Monopoly,  etc) 
  • Ping pong tables, pool table, dart board
  • Eat from the food forest and community garden
  • Access to our weekly song circles, meditation and yoga sessions, private potlucks, and a guaranteed slot for Open Mic Night 
  • 12/7 access, every day of the week, including most holidays

*Monthly Pass Perks*

     (Daily Pass perks, plus the following!)

  • Free +1 (bring a friend or significant other with you!)
  • Multiple visiting guests allowed for up to an hour per day (if more than +1)
  • Backdoor entry to all private events and concerts at Rabbit Hole
  • Printer access (20 sheets/week B&W, 1/week color)
  • 4 hours of private studio time for recording/rehearsing each month
  • Mail reception service
  • Business license registration (pending ACC planning and zoning permission)
  • Discounted storage space
  • Business upstart advisement and networking assistance
  • Access to the weekly "Family Meeting" for professional collaboration and mutual aid with the core Rabbit Hole team
  • Private Discord channel access with giveaways and freebies
  • Private calendar access and invites to unlisted events
  • Free advertisements on our website and promotion for your events and services
  • Complimentary "Rabbit Hole Radio" interview
  • Plant something in our community garden and get free water/compost access!
  • 24/7 access for commercial or hobbyist usage (must show proof of residency in Athens or surrounding counties).

It's the perfect place to relax, socialize, collaborate, create and jam with other artists in the local community. Public areas remain under 24/7 video surveillance and each guest receives a code to unlock the door. Guests are asked to replace broken strings or instruments within reason as well as refrain from any sort of drug or alcohol usage. We have a zero-tolerance policy for theft or violence of any kind. We ask you to leave everything like you found it and to hang up instruments on the wall when you're finished. Please fill out our application form and sign our liability waiver  below prior to payment and understand all the rules and expectations for participation in this studio fellowship program. 

*Some spaces are subject to availability due to private events. If you plan on making loud noise we ask that you rent out a space privately (half-off the normal rate!) so other guests are not disturbed (4 hrs/month free for monthly subscribers!). Monthly members may attend our ticketed events at Rabbit Hole Studios free of charge, subject to occupancy laws and the wishes of the show promoter. Monthly pass coworking passes are limited in number at the Manager's discretion with community input for waiting list selections. These passes may be revoked without refund if our terms of use are violated after a vote by our community at the discretion of our management team.*