Nick here! I now offer Life Coaching, Small Business Coaching, & Financial Education to help you reach your full potential.

A little bit more about me and my mentorship program: 

I founded Rabbit Hole Studios - Athen's biggest coworking space, music studio, event space, consignment shop, art gallery and so much more - in the spring of 2017 without a dollar in the bank. I saved up for years working dead-end jobs, utilized proceeds from early investments in Bitcoin and slowly grew the company into a million-dollar start-up within 5 years. We now have over 60 members, 6 staff members and hundreds more clients who book our services and share space with us at our community center every month. I'm on a mission to teach artists, musicians, & entrepreneurs the skills they need to achieve mastery in their craft, joy in their passions, success at work & happiness in life. 

What brought me here? 

I meditated on the concept of "Ikigai" and dreamt up a career in the center of a Venn diagram where 'what I'm good at it' intersects with 'what I love doing', 'what the world needs,' and 'what I can get paid to do'. All of my pursuits revolve around the overlap between these important concepts. This relies on continual education and perpetual self-improvement. It requires us to lean into our weaknesses and perfect our imperfections. I dropped out of college, but never stopped learning or reading. I spend hours a day reading, researching, writing and sharing the knowledge I've learned so that you don't have to go on a wild goose chase to manifest your life goals, start-up idea, investment strategy or creative project. 

Who am I? 

I'm a polymath with a passion for helping DIYers, creative freelancers, and small, local businesses. My passion started with music and audio engineering first but in the course of setting up the Rabbit Hole I taught myself business management, property management, accounting, billing, retail management, spreadsheets, automation, finance & investment strategy. Only after years of unending, arduous work can I afford to outsource some of it and make time to educate others. 

I've owned and operated numerous other businesses in the Athens area in industries like property management and permaculture design for over 15 years. I worked my way up from next to nothing and - as I stand on the shoulders of giants looking back from whence I came - I now realize my greatest purpose in Life is to lend a helping hand to help others so they can avoid the mistakes I made and learn the tricks I wish I'd known early on in my life's journey. 

I am also a devoted researcher of geopolitics, economics, and governance technology which guides my investment philosophy and business management. I pay for dozens of private newsletters and advisory services to uncover the alpha and find wealth. Then I condense what I learn into bite-sized pieces that the every day artists or small business owner can understand and implement into their business strategy or creative plan by giving consultations and fostering continual conversation and education with my clients. 

What can I offer you? 

In addition to financial consultations and check-ups for the self-employed, I also offer dietary consultations! We are what we eat :) If we aren't healthy and happy, our lives and our careers will suffer. Sobriety, moderation, and an 80%+ plant-based, organic diet are just a few of the tools I use to improve my state of mind and bodily performance. Career coaching is rather pointless if we don't have our lives and health in order. 

Book a session today to see what life hacks, insights and guidance I can offer you in pursuit of your dreams :)