From the recording Unfinished Work


This too shall pass
But it all comes back again
To live another day
We’re only here to Love
Then we must let go
I want to hold on
But the river keeps on flowing
This song
Is as old as the Earth
You’ve already heard it
A thousand times
A thousand ways
With a thousand words

When you’re feeling down and you’ve lost your way
Don’t give up
Just sing and pray
We’re gunna be ok
When you don’t feel good enough
Let me remind that you’re beautiful
And you’re worthy of my love
We all come from the One
Just passing through
Walking each other home
I am Here for You
You don’t have to walk this path alone

Nothing lasts forever
But your love it calls me on
I remember
Nothing stays the same
But your Light will carry on the flame
When I’m dead and gone
Plant me underneath a fig tree
Let my children each the fruit
Let them hear my song
So they don’t forget
Thought my leaves have fallen
I am living in the roots