Eden’s Cafe is a self-serve convenience store (Sorry folks, we are no longer a made-to-order restaurant). We offer fresh espresso, snacks, organic ramen noodles, drinks, water and a microwave for our guests to dine while they partake in Rabbit Hole Studios’ many offerings! Why Eden? Well it rhymes with vegan… But also translates from ancient Hebrew, meaning ‘Delight’. Plants are full of Light and bear fruit because of it. The delightful and organic snacks and beverages we serve once grew as flowers in the garden of this beautiful paradise we call Earth. Pythagoras would be proud!

We also double as a consignment store! We accept clothing, shoes, books, art & instruments and sell it for you in exchange for a 30% commission. Make an appointment here to visit the thrift store or sell your items! Click ‘browse by category below’ to find our consignment sellers and what they currently offer.

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