Rehab-it Hole

​​Rabbit Hole Studios is delighted to announce our new Maker Space concept called "Rehab-It Hole"! It will offer amenities like shared tools, workspace and industrial equipment. We also specialize workshops designed to train and employ unhoused people or people with low-level criminal records who have difficulty finding employment.

Employment opportunities are endless: leaf and limb collection, trash disposal, gardening, landscaping, small repairs & renovations, digging & trenching, plumbing, painting, carpentry, car repairs & detailing, welding, CNC machining, speaker system installations - the list goes on. We have a fully-featured handyman work team skilled in various disciplines.

Think of us like a Craft Guild meets a Mechanic's Co-op meets a Chamber of Commerce for artisans and craftspeople. Our construction consortium also offers property management, project advisement and contractor referrals to our in-house network of skilled laborers.

We are a coalition of companies, independent contractors, builders, makers, educators and advisors who's mission is to uplift, empower and educate the disadvantaged and unhoused by helping them find employment while also serving the public as their agent for making sure their projects get done, all while helping and training people who deserve a second chance or a helping hand.  

We can help you renovate your house, move heavy things, maintain properties, install/maintain edible landscapes, build mobile structures and modify trailers - you name it, we can probably help you do it - instead of just donating to homeless shelters, our clients can take pride in 'teaching people to fish for a lifetime, rather than just giving them a fish for a day.'

We charge small advisory & referral fees to clients, collect equipment rental fees and offer free training and transportation for our independent contractors as our way of uplifting our community and rehabilitating the broken and the hopeless. 

We all deserve to be given chances and be taught skillsets that can help us become financially independent. When we have opportunity and security, we become happier, healthier and more productive members of society.   

We also offer hourly rentals of all our equipment, an automobile spray booth and lift to work on your car by the day or by the week! Call us for current availability and rates: 762-499-4182

Call or message us today if you'd like to help disadvantaged and unfortunate people regain their autonomy and independence! 


1 Auto Bay (with lift) Daily Rental: $200/day  

1 Auto Bay (without lift) Daily Rental: $100/day  

1 Auto Spray Booth Bay: $150/day  

1 Month Tool-Share Membership: $50/month 

Property Management Service: 10% of gross revenue

Mowing and Weedeating Service: $250/acre/month + $1/mile to and from your property 

Edible Landscape Design and Install: Call for a custom quote: 762-499-4182

All other Handyman/Consruction/Renovation Jobs: Email us for custom quote