It appears the White Rabbit brought you here... Please enjoy this magical wonderland of our creations. We are a collective of diverse artists skilled in many forms of artistic expression, operating cross-dimensionally with one foot in the Metaverse and another in Realverse. The soundmakers among us strive to give 60's psychedelic rock a modern renaissance with an exotic twist of world influences. The painters imagine all sorts of ethereal realms and manifest them by brush. The wordsmiths regurgitate only the finest esoteric drivel, aged to perfection. We continually deliver something new and unexpected, changing shape with new members and influences in a perpetual evolution. We often blur the lines between audience and performer by inviting friends to participate with percussive instruments or join in on the collective canvas. The songs sing themselves and the art paints itself. We are merely the vessels that carry these sacred songs and sights of the Universe.


We are not just a band of merry misfits - We also operate a music studio and audio production company. Our music is currently available on-demand, downloadable via donation on our website and attributed to the Infinite Divine - Our universal origin. We can only possess the medium by which these sounds are captured and for that we ask a penny so that we may fill our bellies and be protected from the weather. We don't claim to own the ultimate origin of our songs, but we transmit them through our own unique shades of color, sound and rhythm - adopting all the things we've ever heard in order to recreate something unique to our tastes and abilities. We ought not lay claim upon our collective inheritance - The greatest songs are the ones passed down through the millennia, the ones that instantly bring us back to our youth and the nostalgic familiarity that makes us weep with joy. It doesn't really matter who wrote it - It's ours and all of humanity's and it just flows through us. We create it in the moment here and now with our togetherness as individuals and participants. The purpose of music is to bring us together, to dance with one another and let our souls blossom. We leave our egos at the door when we share space together and become one as equals. We do not seek great wealth or fame but rather to share the divine joy of music and harmony to connect deeply with one another so that we may help this Earth and all beings prosper. Help us help you - come slap a drum with us, shake a rattle, sing and dance with us to help spread peace, love and joy wherever we roam!